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New York business lawyer Richard Pu handles business lawsuits in the federal and state courts in New York. His cases typically involve hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.

Hiring the Right Lawyer

It's important to hire the right attorney. In the practice of law, the principal division is between lawyers who handle deals (sometimes called transactional lawyers), and people who handle law suits or legal actions (sometimes called litigators). If you are seeking legal assistance, it's important to hire the right kind of New York business lawyer.

For example, the running of a business, the merger of two corporations and the leaving of an inheritance are all transactions. And the lawyers who handle them are called business lawyers, corporate lawyers, and trusts and estates lawyers, respectively. All are transactional lawyers, who tend not to be litigators.

On the litigation side of the divide, common forms of litigation are personal injury actions, business litigation (sometimes called commercial litigation), and criminal defense. The first two are civil suits; the third is a criminal matter. Often, business litigation will involve business law and corporations; but it's a misnomer to call the litigator a corporate lawyer or business lawyer, since those terms refer to lawyers who do handle transactions. The proper term is commercial litigator.

If you need an attorney for a lawsuit, whether you're taking legal action or defending against it, make sure you get a litigation lawyer, and not a transactional lawyer. Lawsuits are complex matters, and you want someone that handles only litigation. And if your matter arises out a business transaction, hire a business litigator, not someone who handles personal injuries or criminal defense. And of course, if the law suit is in New York, make sure you hire an attorney in New York with a good grasp of New York law. New York City has thousands of law firms and law offices, and there's no reason to hire someone who's not qualified.

Sometimes people already have an attorney and want to find a new attorney. That's easily done. A client has a right to fire his lawyer. However, in New York, the outgoing lawyer has a right to keep the file if he is owed money.

The Cost of Litigation

Good legal help can be very expensive, with lawyers at large law firms billing upwards of $800/hr. and running up bills of millions of dollars. Unless you are very wealthy or a large corporation, a large law firm is not practical. But many New York business attorneys like Richard Pu worked at large law firms and can deliver the same high quality legal service at a fraction of the cost.

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